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our unique flavor and texture of original frozen yogurt. made with real non-fat yogurt cultures, this basic flavor goes perfectly with any toppings.

a mixture of pomegranate, blueberry, and acai (ah-sigh-ee) is sure to send a zing to your taste buds. combine this flavor with fresh berry toppings and chocolate and you won’t be disappointed.


banana, blueberry*˚, blackberry*˚, kiwi*, mango, raspberry*˚, strawberry˚, pineapple, lychee*, coconut, apricot, melon, cherries*

almonds, walnuts, candied pecans, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, granola˚, chocolate chips, yogurt chips,  rice krispies, fruity pebbles, marshmallows, butterscotch chips, Reeses’ chips, m&m’s, pretzel m&m’s, chocolate covered pomegranate, white chocolate chips, sweet carob chips, chocolate covered espresso, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate covered pomegranate, chocolate blueberry/acai

peanut butter˚, Nutella, maple syrup˚, creme of coconut, mint chocolate syrup˚, raspberry chocolate syrup˚, Ghirardelli® chocolate sauce, Ghirardelli® white sauce, Ghirardelli® caramel

please recommend other desired toppings!


* seasonal and may not be available

  toppings and flavors may contain nuts and allergens. please ask if you are unsure

50 cents per ounce!!


blueberry tart

dark chocolate



lychee (lee-chee)


chocolate covered- banana


mango sorbet (non dairy)

chocolate mint

white chocolate mousse

superberry® tart

frozen apple pie

cookies n’ creme


orange creamsicle

banana cheesecake

one village™ espresso

red velvet cake

original tart

GREEN flavors are in this week




raspberry tart

key lime pie

strawberry (low sugar)


tahitian vanilla

pumpkin pie

toasted coconut

egg nog

NYC cheesecake

island surfer(coconut, orange, mango)

green tea tart

birthday cake

raspberry cremé

peanut butter

orange sorbet (non dairy)

lemonade tart

pomegranate acai tart


organic dulce de leche

organic cherry tart

organic green apple tart

organic cake batter

organic chai tea

banana nut bread

organic root beer

organic pistachio